Wesley Wolffe

“Wesley Wolffe has sliced his neck open on many an amplifier in the lamplit halls of Mem(e)phis, blasting out beautiful para-rock tunes, effortlessly joining slick grooves and guitar moves in loud n’ harsh, bursting at the seams atonal wonderment. His songs are product of devoted experimentation in the sonic laboratory of his attic, a coterie of friends, neighbors, country-people, fellow Memphis rockers, steeped in the wild spirit of Southern-fried virtuality, 80 miles per hour down Sam Cooper, wet summers, dry winters: a young songster (the man’s still in high school & you can hear the newness in the fervent echo) backed by a sauntering rhythm and bass section.  See ’em live when you get the chance; it’s something else; play Loud. *The number 100 in red, double underlined*”

-Ara Hanissian