St. John

The band St. John was born in a college dorm room back in the fall of 2015 when front-man, Josh Shaw, and lead guitarist, Blake Galloway, spent their semester recording classes experimenting with minimalistic lo-fi music under the name “Blvck Hippie”.

The following summer, the project evolved into an indie-folk experiment under the new name “St. John”, in the absence of Blake who wanted to focus more on the business side of music. After the release of a 6 song EP, Josh performed solo sets as St. John and occasional full-band shows with varied line-ups.

Finally, following a few line-up changes, Gus Carrington (GU$) joined the band playing bass and Blake rejoined the project on guitar, thus marking the end of St. John as a solo project.

With influences from bands like The Strokes and lyrics based on internal turmoil, you have what the band calls “Sad Boy Indie Rock”.

The bands debut single “When” will be released later this year on Maudlin Jerk Records.